Beginner Guitars and Folk

Beginner Guitars and Folk
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Bohemian Oil Can Ukulele Electro

The fun and joy of playing the ukulele just got super cool too. The Bohemian Oil Can Ukulele is tota..


Fiesta 1/2 Starter Guitar

The Aria Fiesta 1/2 Starter guitar is an excellent example of quality from a company who have b..


Fiesta 3/4 Starter Guitar

The Aria Fiesta 3/4 Starter guitar is a good quality, good value classical guitar for beginners. Thi..


Fiesta 4/4 Starter Guitar

The Aria Fiesta 4/4 Starter guitar is the perfect choice for beginners and seasoned players too. A g..


Seagull Merlin Dulcimer

The Seagull Merlin Natural Spruce SG is an amazing little instrument ukulele type thing inspired by ..