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Seagull Coastline Cedar 12 QIT

The Seagull Coastline Cedar 12 QIT Twelve string guitars must endure a great deal of added..


Seagull Entourage Folk Burnt Umber

The Seagull Entourage Folk Burnt Umber is a beautifully finished electro-acoustic guitar. The sleek ..


Seagull Merlin Dulcimer

The Seagull Merlin Natural Spruce SG is an amazing little instrument ukulele type thing inspired by ..


Seagull S6 Original

The Seagull S6 is the original workhorse featuring a solid cedar top in the gorgeous satin finish, a..


Seagull S6 Original Concert Hall

The Seagull Original S6 Concert Hall is one of the most popular selling Seagull guitars in the range..