MXR Analog Carbon Copy

MXR Analog Carbon Copy

MXR Carbon Copy

The MXR Analogue Carbon Copy has a real pure tone and extensive features deserving a place on every pedal board. If you're looking for that awesome Pink Floyd 80’s era delay, the huge tone of “The Edge” or simply in search to fatten up those guitar solos, look no further. The analogue Carbon Copy with its warm, honest circuitry, will help to create an ambient, atmospheric wall of sound. Used by guitarists from all genres and delivering tone and reliability night after night. Be Inspired.

Array of Tone

The Carbon Copy Analogue Delay features a 100% analogue audio path for pure warm delay-made available by using original old school technology. The unit itself boasts an awesome 600ms of delay time, (that's long enough to fry an egg) with optional modulation via an easy to access top mounted switch. The three knobs at your disposal comprise of Delay Time, Mix (dry/wet) and Regen (delay repeats) all delivered in a compact pedal the size of Phase 90! There are also two internal “trim pots”offering adjustable width and rate control of the modulation, adding further tonal gratification and editing functions. This perfectly formed delay unit will take you from sharp slapback echoes to huge, stadium-sized Gilmour type delays all at the flick of a dial. Complete with the blue LED and rugged build designed for any stage, all powered by a single 9V battery or with the Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter.

  • 100% Analogue Delay plus Modulation
  • Up to 600ms of Delay Time
  • Old School Technology delivering Creative Response
  • Robust Steel Compact Casing
  • 9V Battery or Optional Power Supply ECB-003 AC Adapter
  • Easy Edit Options with Modulation
  • True Bypass
ManufacturerJim Dunlop
ModelCarbon Copy Analog Delay JD-M169
Power Supply9 Volts DC
BypassTrue Hardwire
ConnectivityInput, Output
ControlsRegen, Mix, Delay, Modulation

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